If you have never had any singing coaching previously we will need to work together to find your voice. The voice is an instrument like any other, therefore in the early stages Louisa will identify what you do naturally, plus teach you the basics in order for you to begin to understand how to sing. Adults and Children can learn how to do this and there are options for both beginners classes and 1:1 coaching. 


Already know the basics? Louisa can help take it to the next level with more advance techniques. Here you will learn the more physical side of the voice; it’s connection with the body and how you can start to put your own interpretation on a song. 


Are you the singer in a band, an acoustic artist, or treading the boards in Musical Theatre? Perhaps you feel you need some extra coaching to help with a particular song or sustaining a full set; trouble with your ‘break’? Or perhaps you just want someone else in the know to listen in?