Singing with Hayfever

As the Hayfever season starts to creep up and as a sufferer myself, I thought I would do some research into what can be done to help us all sing through it. 

I already do all the usual things ... start to take my anti-histamines early, so the body builds up a defence against it; stop hanging my clothes, towels and bed sheets out on the line to dry so the pollen doesn't get into them, on me and into the house; no flowers in the house; I'm lucky enough to live by the sea, so walks on the seafront help clear the airways; getting the garden sorted now, before I can no longer go outside! All stuff to keep the pollen away from me.

Some years this just isn't enough .... who knows what the Great British summer will give us this year, but if it's really sunny, it can be a double-edged sword for us Hayfever sufferers: bringing us symptoms like - inflammation and/or irritation of the vocal chords and congestion, which just gets in the way! 

So, my research has given me some additional things to help:

  1. CLEANSE. A bit of clean eating never hurt anyone and if you go into the Hayfever season with the least amount of existing congestion in your body, it will help boost your immune system, creating a basis for your body to fight things off, but also help your voice along the way. Whole foods, proteins, fruits and veggies will all help, as will drinking plenty of water. Starting this now will ensure your ready for what the pollen has to offer! 
  2. NASAL CLEANSING. Rinsing out your sinus' daily can help re-set your immune system. Type in 'nasal cleansing' to Amazon and you'll find all manner of contraptions that can help with this. Also steaming is a great way to manage it. Simply pop your head over a bowl of boiling water. 
  3. FILTERS. Using a Hepa filter, particularly in the bedroom can really help with clearing the home of pollen and help you sleep better. Sleep, as i've mentioned in a previous post is vital in keeping the voice at its best. 

Additional remedies can be found on my post 'Remedies for a Scratchy Voice' which will also help to clear the congestion and alleviate some of the dryness.